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              Support Center

              Steady leadership, outstanding people


              Baofeng customers benefit from our unparalleled combination of leadership in technology, excellence in customer service and operations and flexibility in strategic alliances. Customers value our rapid response, attention to detail and involvement in every account even at the highest levels.

              Customers also appreciate Baofeng people. Since starting more than fourteen ago, we have made a priority of finding employees who are professional, personable and passionate about exceeding your expectations.


              Together with our global partners, we have a 24 hour support centre wherein we provide complete and efficient after sales service to the customer.


              Service channel


              Telephone:  0086-536-2137961(workday: 8:00-17:00)

              Fax:  0086-536-2137966

              Moible phone:  +86 13561416168(other time)

              E-mail:  baofengdumo@vip.163.com

              Leading the world with vacuum metallizer technology