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              Company Profile

              Shandong Baofeng Metallizer Co.,Ltd.


              Shandong Baofeng Metallizer Co.,Ltd. is located in Qingzhou city, Shandong province,with the factory area more than 40000 square meters and more than 100 employee. We have the strong technical force and development and research team of senior metallizing experts, mechnanical engineers and automation engineers. We are one of the most powerful metallizer manufacturer which deals in the research, design and manufacture of vacuum metallizer machine.


              The high vacuum roll coating metallizer with the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, most stable, reliable and high cost performance. We are always keep the international leading level in the metallizing industry. Our metallizer is the first choice of new project investment and upgrade. 


              The main products of our company are:free span metallizer, induction heating metallizer, paper metallizing metallizer, widely used in tobacco packaging, medicine packaging, food packaging, beer label, anti-electrostatic packaging,car windows films,laser anti-counterfeiting, hot stamping, electromagnetic shielding, metallic yarn, reflection material etc.

              Our company business is all over the world.Our metallizer machine were sold to Northeast Asia,Southeast Asia, South America, North America,Middle East and Europe market besides domestic market.


              There is not only top research and development team,but also production team and service team with senior engineers,assemly engineers, CNC machining engineers,welding and electric engineers. We have professional advanced equipment for metallizer manufacture:Large vertical machining center, Double location precision horizontal machining center, Large five surface machining center,High precision heavy floor boring and milling machine etc.There is also NC cutting machine, Water knife cutting machine,forging machine,Large sand blasting surface treatment machinery,VSR treatment equipment,CNC lathe,wire-cut machine,high precision balancing machine,polishing machine etc.


              There is ERP and 8S for production. We had passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certificates.We are keeping the development of vacuum metallizer industry by perfect management, excellent manufacture,best service and constantly innovation.   


              Baofeng company will continue to research and develop high efficient and stable metallizer to enhance the core competitiveness of users.

              Leading the world with vacuum metallizer technology